“How the f**k do I find my passion”

@pattyjpics asked: “How do we figure out what our passion is?”

I really wish i had the ultimate answer…. but, yeah, I don’t. I’m a creative right-sided brain kind of person, and it’s so frustrating when people say “Just follow your passion” yeah, sounds great, just as soon as I figure wtf it is…..

Lets start with some positivity. Just like a lot of things in life, if you think its hard to find your passion, or thinking its never going to happen then you are going to stay in that negative mindset and be closed to possibilities and opportunities. You’ll inadvertently miss all the little signs life gives you because you’ve closed off your self awareness. Switch your thoughts and tell yourself that you CAN do what you love! Are any of the people you’re around following their passion? No? Then its time to expand your circle. Associate yourself with people that are inspired and love what they do.img_0867Try taking a look into your past. What where some big moments where you where happy doing something. It may be something you looked past because your self awareness was broken. You might be like me and love music, fashion, fitness, traveling, and hiking, but theres comes a point to where I ask myself “How can I put all of this together to be profitable and not just a hobby?(BIG difference)”  For some people a passion is just fun, and turning it into work changes it from a “love to do” to a “have to do.” This has defiantly happened to me. If you’re alert to who might be in need of your new emerging passion, now you have an aim at a clearer conversation on how, where, and when your passion can serve them. As I seek my passion I always find parts of myself that always wanna fight each other. Don’t let those dumb ass voices win, because you’ll start listening to them, letting doubt in, and that awesome new passion that was gonna be great is now out of your grasp again.img_0870

Reassure yourself that you’ve got this, and that you’re worth it, because you are. You’re a human being, in a playground of freedom and imagination, with an entire world to discover it in. TAKE THE LEAP! Be serious about it. Be committed to your happiness and freedom. If you stay with the status quo, you might as well be one of those fucking people that sits behind their desk all day hating life, just to go home and sit on the couch and self loath. Now what damn sense does that make? That ain’t helping no-one! So find your own version of BRAVE. The path of passion is where you do things that scare you juuust enough, without leaving you in a constant state of fear. Think of it as expanding your comfort zone, rather than leaving it. Your soul knows what you need, listen to it.

“Balancing Act”

@pattyjpics asked “How do we find balance?” I struggle with this, as I’m sure many of us do, so I did some research… Having balance means having a handle on your shit, feeling calm, clear-headed, and motivated. I mean who doesn’t want that?!? I found out that there’s an internal and external part to this equation. Too often we get off centered putting too much focus on one or the other. Some people focus on external things, like work, relationships, activities, paying less attention to what is going on with your heart and mind. Versus internally, you might do self reflecting so much that you miss out on experiencing life.

I found Tinnybuddha.com made an outline to help understand:

Internal (Mind, Heart, Health)

  • Mind: Challenging yourself intellectually vs. creating opportunities for your mind to rest
  • Heart: Giving love vs. receiving love
  • Health: Eating, drinking, exercising properly vs. resting and treating yourself to some extra yummies

External (Work, Social, Family, Fun)

  • Work: Pushing yourself to achieve goals vs. seeing the bigger picture and enjoying the ride
  • Social: Satisfying your social desires vs. taking time for yourself
  • Family: Fulfilling your familial responsibilities vs. creating healthy boundaries (its okay say no to people, it’s healthy)
  • Fun: Allocating time for things you enjoy doing vs. making sure you don’t overdo it

Take some time to look into different parts of your life. Set some goals and plan! I do this thing called a “Will Do” list, not to be confused with a “To Do” list, it’s a damn “I will get this list of shit done today” list. Its a mindset, and works wonders!  Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Be kind to yourself. Empower yourself, and don’t forget to give yourself some credit along the way. Balance won’t feel good if you’re cruel to yourself in creating it! We can get so caught up with our lives, our “omg, so gigantic” problems, that those things become bigger than ourselves, bigger than our happiness. The most important thing we can do is take care of ourselves because if we don’t do that, then we can’t take care of anyone, anything, or any situation fully. You might as well be a fucking hamster in a wheel. Break that cycle today! You rock, and you’re with it. You can do this, stop running in circles, and chill the ‘f’ out for a sec,  evaluate your shit, and lets get balancing. This isn’t gonna happen in one day. It’s okay to be realistic with your goals, and take your time. This is your life path, no one else’s.

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Anyone up for some Reiki?

Somehow I found myself in the shitty place of being depressed, worrying about too much crap that doesn’t matter, and not loving myself enough. One of my best friends referred me to this incredible angelic creature named Shayoon that’s a Rieki healer. I had no clue what I was in for, (honestly I thought it was a massage) but I knew I needed something, and was down to follow my spiritual journey. Turns out Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It’s administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. It was just what I needed!

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I arrived and walked into a space that automatically makes you feel safe, at home, and gave me an overall sense of being right where I was supposed to be at that moment. On a dresser there where beautiful crystals with a little spiritual oils and knickknacks. The bed you lay on had the best blanket I’d ever seen, and it turns out that her husband makes these amazing blankets (Sidenote, I must have one)!

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The session began with Shayoon asking a series of questions about life, looking for any blockages I might have. Then I got onto the table to get into it. She put a cloth over my eyes so I could go into my deepest meditation, then began. She started from the head and went down very slowly concentrating on certain parts of the body where she felt blockages and tension. I know all of this may sound super hippy-ish, but this shit is real! The parts that she stopped on to concentrate where literally each part of my body that I had aches and pain in. (I didn’t tell her any of this) It was crazy!  I felt a warm sensation as she would focus on those areas. Then she put crystals in my hands, and I really felt a charge of energy. When the session was over I stood up and felt cleansed, like I had been given an energy/chakra reset. She gave me an amazing book that is helping me to reconnect with whats important in my life, be more present in the Moment, and teaching me how to meditate and be more thankful for my blessings.

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It’s been almost a week, and my aches and pains (for years) that I was feeling are all pretty much gone. I’m not gassing you, like they’re for real gone! It’s something you can’t really explain unless you experience it, and you have to be open to it. So go get in touch with your inner hippy and dive into some spirituality, your soul will thank you! 

Reiki with Shayoon: shayoona@gmail.com

“But first Coffee”

I’ll admit, I have a very under control addiction to coffee. We’ve come to terms with each other, its cool. My morning breakdown usually consists of going outside, having my morning cup of coffee, making another and using about half of that (sometimes more, don’t judge) in my breakfast smoothie. When I talk to people about coffee and the effects on the body, opinions are either really bad or really good. So I did some research and it just so happens that coffee is pretty awesome! It’s crazy rich with antioxidants, vitamins, increases brain activity, boosts metabolism, ect. Authority Nutrition says “The average person who eats a typical Western diet actually gets more antioxidants from coffee than fruits and vegetables… combined.” I was sold. So cheers to you and your kickass morning cup of coffee.