Hanging with Uncle Karl

Unless you’ve lived in a cave all your life, or for some strange reason you hated 90’s fashion (which makes me not trust you), then you know exactly who Karl Kani is. I’ve known this cool dude for quite a while, and when he asked me to help him with the release party of his 90’s capsule collection, I couldn’t say no! This party was absolutely 100% LIT!!! There where models wearing signature 90’s pieces stationed throughout the event. The Vibe was set!The Dj was playing all 90’s hip hop, the rsvp list was over 700 people, and the line was wrapped around the corner all night! Celebrities included Anthony Anderson, Kurupt, Karen Civil, etc… what was really cool was the amount of young people lined up outside to see the collection. Shows you how much iconic fashion stays strong in our culture. A lot of you love all of your street wear brands, but did you know that Uncle Karl was the one who started this entire movement! So Yeah! You’re welcome! Recapping after the party in Karl’s studio the next day I caught myself looking around at all the iconic photos of Tupac, Biggie, Nas, etc., the vintage pieces, and his new collection (which I’m pumped about) when I realized how cool this guy is… when we get to know people over the years you kind of forget who they are and the impact they’ve made. At the end of the day Karl is a father, a business man, designer, he looks out for those close to him, and he’s an overall great fucking guy. Now go get your ass a little more familiar with Karl Kani and maybe you an come sit with the cool kids.