Meteor Showers and Racoons

I watched the Geminids meteor shower last night with my family. It was one of the biggest meteor showers we had. The super moon was so full and bright that it was hard to see all of them, but I wasn’t complaining. It was a magical experience watch watching the meteors as they hit the earths outer surface burning beautiful colors away. I just happened to be in Cabo right by the ocean with the moon light beaming off of the night waters. I wanted to know what constellations I was looking at so I downloaded an app called Skyview and saw all kinds of cool things! The pic below is the actual sky I was looking at, and the gemini sign appeared! The app draws out the constellation for you in live time! It was an absolutely beautiful experience and I’m so happy that I stayed up late to watch it.fullsizerender-8

On another note as we were watching the shower, and feeling all Zen and everything, I hear something and the bushes next to the house. It sounded like someone walking up to the house, and with the Mafia wars here so bad right now of course the only logical thought in my mind was that the cartel where coming through the house. My stepmom and I swiftly got up, grabbed my brother (who automatically brought out weapons, I was given a police baton) got my dad up out of bed, just to find out that it was a raccoon the size of our Labrador Bob! LOL, we all had a good laugh and appreciated that we moved so fast as a unit thinking there was an intruder! Gotta love family time.

Driving the Baja Sur

I recently drove through the Baja California Sur of Mexico with my family that moved to Cabo. Before driving through Mexico we heard all kinds of stories about how dangerous it is, not to drive at night, blah blah blah. These warnings are probably true, but after I got over the hype I actually enjoyed it. We didn’t drive at night as advised, but it was mostly because the roads are so bad, and there is absolutely no light on the highway at all, and let me tell you its dark as shit out there. I couldn’t help but notice all of the different geographical terrain. It was so freaking beautiful to see. I just kept thinking of the old wild West movies I used to watch with my Papa with cowboys and indians riding through the untouched countryside. Cactuses were all over and the mountains, more than I’ve ever seen! I had no clue how cool this journey was going to be. In each town we stopped in the people were so sweet and inviting. My broken Spanish worked way better than I thought, until I somehow became the family translator, lol.fullsizerender-6 I noticed that the people of Mexico have a great respect for those who have passed away. The roads here are quite terrible in parts and there are beautiful monuments all down the highway for those that have been in accidents.fullsizerender-4img_4384As we got into La Paz and Lorreta you start to see the coast open up. The ocean was so beautiful, with so many different colors of blues I’d never seen before. They’re were gigantic rocks in the middle of the ocean, it looked like something straight out of a movie! At one point I glanced over looking out into the ocean, and saw my first whale!  I had no clue what I was in for going into this, but the beauty of not knowing is quite magical sometimes. It gives you that feeling of being a kid again and seeing something all new for the first time. fullsizerender-7We finally arrived in Cabo at the new home in Cabo de sol and the view was beyond breathtaking.

If you are ever thinking about driving through the Baja Sur, just be smart. Drive during the day, dont speed, drive an suv or truck (your car will die a terrible death), and take lots of photos! 

 So happy I made this journey.