Hanging with Uncle Karl

Unless you’ve lived in a cave all your life, or for some strange reason you hated 90’s fashion (which makes me not trust you), then you know exactly who Karl Kani is. I’ve known this cool dude for quite a while, and when he asked me to help him with the release party of his 90’s capsule collection, I couldn’t say no! This party was absolutely 100% LIT!!! There where models wearing signature 90’s pieces stationed throughout the event. The Vibe was set!The Dj was playing all 90’s hip hop, the rsvp list was over 700 people, and the line was wrapped around the corner all night! Celebrities included Anthony Anderson, Kurupt, Karen Civil, etc… what was really cool was the amount of young people lined up outside to see the collection. Shows you how much iconic fashion stays strong in our culture. A lot of you love all of your street wear brands, but did you know that Uncle Karl was the one who started this entire movement! So Yeah! You’re welcome! Recapping after the party in Karl’s studio the next day I caught myself looking around at all the iconic photos of Tupac, Biggie, Nas, etc., the vintage pieces, and his new collection (which I’m pumped about) when I realized how cool this guy is… when we get to know people over the years you kind of forget who they are and the impact they’ve made. At the end of the day Karl is a father, a business man, designer, he looks out for those close to him, and he’s an overall great fucking guy. Now go get your ass a little more familiar with Karl Kani and maybe you an come sit with the cool kids.

“Sunday shoots and perfect lighting”

If you’re ever in the LA area and want an automatic “look like you know what you’re doing photo shoot” head over to the Bates Motel on Sunset Boulevard. The natural lighting there is absolutely amazing, you could use your camera phone and kill it, and girls your highlight and Contor in this light is fire! For any of you that don’t personally know me, I love photographers, and their different creative eyes! I had always wanted to shoot at the Bates Motel, so when @studiomicastro hit me up and wanted to shoot, I was like “I know a spot!” I wore my favorite little lace top that my granny got me from Rue21 (yes I know I just wore it in a post, and I give no fucks, it’s adorable) black leather pants by blanknyc (so hot, huge mistake), laced with my favorite Reeboks.

Anyone up for some Reiki?

Somehow I found myself in the shitty place of being depressed, worrying about too much crap that doesn’t matter, and not loving myself enough. One of my best friends referred me to this incredible angelic creature named Shayoon that’s a Rieki healer. I had no clue what I was in for, (honestly I thought it was a massage) but I knew I needed something, and was down to follow my spiritual journey. Turns out Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It’s administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. It was just what I needed!

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I arrived and walked into a space that automatically makes you feel safe, at home, and gave me an overall sense of being right where I was supposed to be at that moment. On a dresser there where beautiful crystals with a little spiritual oils and knickknacks. The bed you lay on had the best blanket I’d ever seen, and it turns out that her husband makes these amazing blankets (Sidenote, I must have one)!

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The session began with Shayoon asking a series of questions about life, looking for any blockages I might have. Then I got onto the table to get into it. She put a cloth over my eyes so I could go into my deepest meditation, then began. She started from the head and went down very slowly concentrating on certain parts of the body where she felt blockages and tension. I know all of this may sound super hippy-ish, but this shit is real! The parts that she stopped on to concentrate where literally each part of my body that I had aches and pain in. (I didn’t tell her any of this) It was crazy!  I felt a warm sensation as she would focus on those areas. Then she put crystals in my hands, and I really felt a charge of energy. When the session was over I stood up and felt cleansed, like I had been given an energy/chakra reset. She gave me an amazing book that is helping me to reconnect with whats important in my life, be more present in the Moment, and teaching me how to meditate and be more thankful for my blessings.

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It’s been almost a week, and my aches and pains (for years) that I was feeling are all pretty much gone. I’m not gassing you, like they’re for real gone! It’s something you can’t really explain unless you experience it, and you have to be open to it. So go get in touch with your inner hippy and dive into some spirituality, your soul will thank you! 

Reiki with Shayoon: shayoona@gmail.com

“I found fitness in a laundromat”

I found myself at a laundromat the other night and figured out I had three choices of entertainment while waiting for my laundry. 1: read one of the thrilling 80s romance novels left on their magazine shelf, 2: reenact Chris Brown’s “Zero” video, or 3: get in a workout. Since I’m not a hopeless romantic, and I would probably break a limb if I got up and tried to attempt extreme dancing on top of a washing machine, so I went with the work out. In any place or situation you can find a way to work out, the choice is up to you! Here’s a few quick works out that you can do here or anywhere with no equipment needed. 16 reps, 3 sets each

Love me some La Jolla

The little “perfect out of a storybook” town called La Jolla is one of my favorites in Cali. The town itself is so beautiful and quaint that you’ll feel right at home, and if the curse of “addictive boutique shopping” plagues you, this town has your remedy! I was only a few miles away from there so I absolutely had no reason not to put on a little sporty spice inspired outfit and head out.

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I love me some nature, so l set Waze to La Jolla Cove and set out for a little shopping and to sea lion watching. The view at the cove is absolutely breathtaking. There are people kayaking, snorkeling, and there’s even a cave. Once you get over to the sea lions you can literally walk around them, they’re just chill’n. They’re so loud, and the smell of them makes you want to put on a face mask because you can feel your nose hairs singeing, but you don’t care because they’re really beautiful creatures of nature and it’s tranquil to watch them so up close. img_1140There’s no guided tour, it’s just you and them. You can even go snorkeling down below in the cove with the sea lions, and they interact with you quite a bit.  So If you find yourself on your way to San Diego or passing La Jolla for some reason, STOP! The town is angelic and the interaction with nature is everything! Continue reading “Love me some La Jolla”

“But first Coffee”

I’ll admit, I have a very under control addiction to coffee. We’ve come to terms with each other, its cool. My morning breakdown usually consists of going outside, having my morning cup of coffee, making another and using about half of that (sometimes more, don’t judge) in my breakfast smoothie. When I talk to people about coffee and the effects on the body, opinions are either really bad or really good. So I did some research and it just so happens that coffee is pretty awesome! It’s crazy rich with antioxidants, vitamins, increases brain activity, boosts metabolism, ect. Authority Nutrition says “The average person who eats a typical Western diet actually gets more antioxidants from coffee than fruits and vegetables… combined.” I was sold. So cheers to you and your kickass morning cup of coffee.

“That one time I passed out trying to get spiritual”

I was in a weird head space and needed a little spiritual refreshing. My clothing mood was “I wanna wear my adidas track pants and flip flops, but I also feel a little flirty, so I’ll throw on my lace top from Rue 21“.

I called up my dearest friend, (and spiritual adviser) Daver Campbell, who’s always down for a good random adventure, and headed out. He wouldn’t tell me where we where going, only that I would love it, and as soon as well pulled up I knew he was right. Gorgeous ivy-covered gates open to an all-white estate, perfectly accented by its white marble steps. We had arrived at “The Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens.”

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Its purpose is to let you get away, unwind your mind, and to be rejuvenated by peace and nature. We began the introductory tour inside the breathtaking home, trying to pay close attention and not let my ADD kick in looking at all of the architecture. Then we were taken outside to the marble labyrinth.

The guide was warning everyone to be careful out in the heat, and all of the sudden I was feeling a little too enlightened. I got really dizzy and everything was so bright. I attempted to gracefully go inside to grab some water. Like a champ I made it inside, but that was my only accomplishment. I soon blacked out, and took a chair with me!

I woke up on that beautiful white marble floor I mentioned earlier and was surrounded by two of the people that lived at the house. I had never passed out before so I didn’t realize that it took a minute to fully come to. Who knows what kind of nonsense I was talking to these people! Seriously, they where so kind and made sure I was okay. I soon felt much better and set back outside to continue my spiritual quest for the day. img_0889-1

This time wearing an ever-so-adorable sun hat (which they provide for you), and a cup full of seriously cold ice water. All drama aside, this place is amazing. The Labyrinth is modeled after the Chartres Cathedral in France. It’s said that following it is a meditative process that opens your mind and helps you let go of blockages and tension. Again, it was SO hot and I already passed out…so I skipped following the spinning path of radiating hot marble. I totally plan on going back and doing it…just, like…in the winter or something.

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Going deeper into the grounds you come to the meditation gardens which are a complete spiritual oasis in the city. You’re surrounded by bamboo, flowering trees, numerous water fountains and the most beautiful koi fish pond. We found our spot, meditated, reconnected, and hit our inner reset button. I highly recommend experiencing this tranquil spot in the city.