Haunted hikes

I got to go hiking on a haunted enchanted chanted forest today. In the mountains in Pasadena California there’s a hike called the “Enchanted Forest.” Local legend has it that it’s also haunted. I set off with my little brother to check it out. We got there about 10:30 AM on a foggy very 44° cold rainy day. It was so hazy and gloomy outside that you could see the clouds rolling along the mountain tops. The perfect setting for the spooky hike we were looking for. 

Btw, If you decide to take this hike make sure that you have on legit hiking shoes. As much as I love my Reebok classics, I totally had no business having them on for this hike. (Yeah I know, I thought I was being cute)

As we climbed up and over hills, mountains, rocks, and streams we finally came to this big cave which was quite mysterious and eery. My brother and I kept hearing giggling voices all around us, now it is a canyon and there are other hikers so it totally could’ve been them, but I’m a believer in the other side so I’m gonna go total Blair Witch with it and say, yeah it’s totally haunted!

All jokes aside though, it’s a beautiful hike. Worth checking out.

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